Ending White Slavery


Ending White Slavery is the debut book by Matt Hale, the successor of Ben Klassen who wrote the book Nature’s Eternal Religion in 1973 and started his own Religious movement focused on uniting and the advancement of the white race. Matt Hale has a degree in law but was not allowed to practice because of his beliefs and he is currently in prison for soliciting the murder of a Federal District Court Judge. He has been in prison since 2004 and has finally put that time to some great use in writing this book. Ben Klassen said our biggest problem we face is straightening out the White peoples’s thinking after we do that everything else will be child’s play, and Matt Hale’s book does exactly that. There is no doubt in my mind: after people read this book – they will think differently.

“I write these words from a prison cell but it is the minds of our white people that are in chains.” That is the first line to the book and sets the mood. The book is divided into three chapters, the first chapter is called “Our Minds Are In Chains”. In this first chapter the author points out all of the double standards, hypocrisy, and propaganda white people are fed on a constant basis. He does a good job to try to raise the racial consciousness of the reader and get rid of all the white guilt that has been instilled on so many people.

By the time you get to the second chapter he assumes and hopefully if you were not a racial realist already before reading this your mind has been opened. In this chapter he goes further into his ideas of what we need to do as a race now that our minds have been freed and how we can work toward victory. As he says in this chapter “If there is an hourglass of our race’s existence that is running out of sand, the thing to do is turn it over, not merely gawk at it or ignore it.”

The third and final chapter is all about the authors ideas where to go from here and that is toward are own White Nationalist Racial State. He explains why this is necessary and why we as a minority if we want to preserve our race from extinction it is a must. He paints a picture of his views of what our state would be like and it sounds amazing. I hope I see it in my lifetime.

Overall this was a really good book. I was a little leery to read it at first because I was doubting Matt’s writing ability since I have never read anything he’s written, only having seen him on interviews. This is definitely one of the best pro-white books I have read in a long time. I think this is a very important book to open up some peoples mind’s and also a very good book for young white teenagers to read. Highly recommended to anyone who considers themselves a racial realist or is open minded.

Free Matt Hale

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